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Pagetual is an open source project licensed by MPL-2.0 and is completely free for everyone to use. But if we want everyone to enjoy the convenience brought by Pagetual, we need to maintain thousands of rules to adapt to countless pages on the Internet. In addition, new functions are continuously developed to make Pagetual more perfect. These efforts require significant funding and manpower, so we hope for your generous financial support.

How to sponsor

You can sponsor through Ko-fiopen in new window or afdianopen in new window. Both monthly-recurring sponsorships and one-time donations are accepted. Recurring sponsorships are entitled to logo placements as specified in Sponsorship Tiers.

Sponsoring Pagetual as a Business

Sponsoring Pagetual allows you to reach more than 200,000 curious and adventurous quality users around the world through our website and GitHub project readme files. Additionally, supporting open source projects not only expands your reach but also helps enhance your brand reputation, which is an important asset for any company.

If you are building a product where your target customers are developers or have some learning curve, you will get quality traffic through sponsored exposure because all of our visitors are quality users with excellent hands-on skills. You can attract a group of users who are interested in your product and willing to put it into practice. In addition, sponsorships can help you build brand awareness and increase conversion rates.

Sponsoring Pagetual as an Individual

If you are an individual user and are satisfied with the convenience brought by using Pagetual, please consider expressing your gratitude in the form of a donation, just like buying us a cup of coffee once in a while. Many of our contributors receive sponsorships and donations through GitHub. You can find the Sponsor button on each member's profile on the project team pageopen in new window for more details. We sincerely appreciate your support and generosity.

Tier Benefits

  • Gold (USD$10/mo):
    • Place the logo in a conspicuous position on the home page of Pagetual.
    • Place your logo prominently in the sidebar of all content pages.
    • Place the logo prominently in the README on Github.
  • Silver (USD$5/mo):
    • Place the logo on the home page of Pagetual.
    • Place the logo in the README on Github.
  • Bronze (USD$2/mo):
    • Place the nickname in Github's README.

If you have questions about tiers, payment process, or sponsorship exposure data, please contact [email protected].

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