Installation guide

1 Install the script manager

Pagetual is based on the Greasemonkey plug-in, so it requires a script manager to run script.

💡 Q: What is "Browser Greasemonkey script"?

A: "Greasemonkey" is a plug-in that runs and manages scripts on the browser. A script is a piece of code that optimizes your web browsing experience. Once installed, some scripts add new functionality to the site, some make the site's interface easier to use, and some hide annoying ads on the site.

💡 Q: Why is Pagetual written as a userscript instead of an extension?

A: Because Pagetual has powerful custom code execution capabilities, and extensions have restrictions on custom code execution capabilities for security reasons. In addition, userscripts are more flexible and can run on almost any operating system, such as Windows/MAC/iOS/Android.

💡 Q: How to install user script?

A: First, you need to install a script manager plug-in (such as Tampermonkey) on your browser. You can then install and manage userscripts in the plugin management interface.

💡 Q: Are user scripts safe?

A: Userscripts themselves are not malicious, but security depends on the scripts you choose to install. It is recommended to only obtain scripts from trusted sources and read the script code carefully.

💡 Q: Can I use userscripts on mobile devices?

A: Typically, the default browser of mobile devices does not support user scripts. However, some specific browsers provide plug-ins or extensions with related functions.

💡 Q: How to disable or delete userscripts?

A: You can disable or delete specific Grease Monkey scripts in the user script plug-in management interface. You can also temporarily disable the entire Script Manager plugin to stop all scripts from running.

🛠️ Example script managers

2 Install Pagetual