Autopagerize alternative, Auto Page Extension for Infinite Scrolling


Are you tired of endlessly clicking on the "next page" or "load more" button while browsing web pages? Look no further! Pagetual is here to revolutionize your browsing experience with its innovative features. As an exceptional alternative to Autopagerize, this free browser extension, powered by a userscript, automatically loads the next page of a website, providing you with a seamless and never-ending scrolling experience.

With Pagetual, bid farewell to manual page navigation. This advanced tool leverages JavaScript to analyze the structure of web pages, intelligently identifying and locating links to subsequent pages. Once found, the extension effortlessly inserts the content into the current page, ensuring a continuous flow of information. Say goodbye to the hassle of clicking and hello to the convenience of auto-loading paginated web pages.

What sets Pagetual apart is its unparalleled efficiency and advanced techniques. Utilizing cutting-edge algorithms, Pagetual intelligently identifies and loads the next set of content, enabling a seamless and uninterrupted scroll. Experience the true power of infinite scrolling with Pagetual.

Compared to popular page-turning software like Ywzhaiqi's Super-preloader and the veteran AutoPagerize / AutoPager, the standout feature of Pagetual is its compatibility with 90% of websites on the internet, eliminating the need for predefined rules. It operates entirely on autopilot, automatically finding the next page, locating the main framework, and identifying insertion points. This makes Pagetual smarter than Super-preloader's generic rules, eliminating the hassle of updating domain names or dealing with website redesigns. No more editing page selectors or next-page selectors, and no more chasing after a website's UI changes to update rules. With Pagetual, effortlessly explore web content with a continuous flow that keeps you in the zone.

Whether you're exploring news articles, shopping websites, or image galleries like Pixiv, Pagetual has got you covered. It works flawlessly on most websites, eliminating the need for cumbersome rules or configurations. Embrace the convenience of never-ending scrolling, effortlessly diving into the depths of web content, and loading more and more pages.

Pagetual is compatible with popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome, making it easy to transform any website into an endless scrolling paradise. Experience the joy of infinite scroll with just a few clicks. No longer worry about missing valuable content hidden on subsequent pages. Pagetual ensures seamless navigation through web pagination, effortlessly uncovering new information and inspiration.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional pagination and hello to a never-ending supply of content. Whether you're a casual reader, a dedicated researcher, or an avid online shopper, Pagetual will enhance your browsing efficiency and productivity. Discover the magic of autopaging as the next page seamlessly loads when you reach the bottom of your current page.

Unleash the power of endless scrolling and enjoy an immersive browsing experience. Pagetual is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Say farewell to the constraints of limited scrolling and embrace the freedom of infinite scrolling. Install Pagetual today and unlock the true potential of the web.

With Pagetual, infinite scrolling replaces pagination, providing a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience. This auto page scroller extension acts as a website pages online combiner ensures that you can effortlessly explore web content with a never-ending scroll. By merging a site's "next" pages, Pagetual expands all threads, allowing you to view all comments on one page. Say goodbye to fragmented discussions and hello to a comprehensive view of all comments and combined pages in one place.

Remember, with Pagetual, endless scrolling is just a click away. Experience the future of web browsing now!


  • Autoload:

Pagetual can automatically load the next page of a web page without you having to do it manually.

  • No rules required:

Pagetual can automatically adapt to the page structure of most websites without you having to set any rules.

  • Rich customization settings:

Pagetual provides a wealth of setting options that you can adjust according to your needs.

Scenes to be used

  • Browse long web pages:

Pagetual lets you easily browse long web pages without scrolling to the bottom of the page.

  • Read news sites:

Pagetual allows you to easily read articles from news websites without clicking the "Next Page" button.

  • View forum posts:

Pagetual lets you easily view all replies to a forum post without turning pages.

  • Browse image sites:

Pagetual allows you to easily browse all the pictures of a image website without having to click the "next" button.

Installation Environment

Supports browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari, as well as Android / iOS platforms.

Statistical data

  • Downloaded over 320,000 times online.
  • User rating is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐97.6 out of 100.

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